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5th Anniversary Celebration/Felicitation of MLA/MP - Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 05:36 Jat Officers' Social Forum celebrated its 5th anniversary on Sunday, the 5th July 2009 at Maharana Pratap Auditorium, Vidyashram School,J.L.Marg,Jaipur.The newly elected members of Parliament and legislative assembly,the youngeters who made to Indian Civil services and other outstanding achievers were falicitated by the Forum.
The function took off with lighting of lamps and 'Ganesh Vandana'.The uonion ministers, state ministers and MPs were on the dias and the remaining MLAs in the front row.The hall was almost packed with over 750 officers of various services and the veteran officers.Dr. Surendra Abusaria welcomed the distiguised guests and the guests on the dias were welcomed by flowers.Dr. Virendra Singh gave a vivid description of composition of the forum ,its activities and threw lights on issues requiring thoughts.
The youngsters of the community were falicitated for their glorious achievements.They included RPMT topper, SSB topper,best lady Airforce pilot and the Indian Civil Services entrants.Details available at the end.
4 members of Parliament including Sh. Mahadev Singh Khandela,union state minister,the 3 state ministers and the 15 MLAs present were falicitated and honoured by offering a momento bearing piture of Maharaja Surajmal,the Jat pride.
The union state minister,Sh. Mahadev Singh Khandela,members of parliament Sh. Harish Choudhary,(Barmer),Sh. Lal Chand Kataria(Jaipur rural),Sh. Ram Singh Kaswan(Churu),the state cabinet minister Sh.Harji Ram Burdak,the state minister Sh.Ram Lal jat,and the chief whip of Govt.Sh. Virendra Beniwal addressed the gathering of officers.
The MLAs Sh. Phool Chand Bhinda(Viratnagar,Jaipur),Sh. Banshidhar Khandela(Khandela,sikar),Sh. Govind Singh Dotasara(Lachhman garh ,Sikar)Sh.Abhishek Matoria(Hanumangarh),Sh. Mahendra Choudhary(Nawa,Nagaur) and Sh Rupa Ram Dudi (Deedwana,Nagaur)also expressed their views.
The function was a unique synthesis of the public representatives and public servents of the Jat community.Both well appriciated the dire need to brood over the issues of community development and pledged to work for the community and needy.
The function ended with vote of thanks and high tea.
1.Sh.Mahadev Singh Khandela -Union state minister for road transport and highways
2.Sh. Ram Singh Kaswan,(Churu)
3.Sh. Lal Chand Kkataria (Jaipur Rural)
4.Sh. Harish Choudhary (Barmer)
1.Sh. Harji Ram Burdak,(Ladnu,Nagaur)-Cabinet Minister for Agriculture
2.Sh.Ram Lal Jat (Mandal,Bhilwara)-State minister for Forest,Environment and Mines
3.Sh.Virendra Beniwal(Lunkaransar,Bikaner)Chief Whip of Govt.

4.Sh. Abhishek Matoria,(Nohar,Hanumangarh)
5.Sh. Ajay Singh (Degana ,Nagaur)
6.Sh. Banshidhar Khandela (Khandela,Sikar)
7.Dr. Digamber Singh (Deeg- Kumher,Bharatpur)
8.Sh. Govind Singh Dotasara (Laxmangarh ,Sikar)
9.Sh. Hanuman Beniwal (Khinvsar,Nagaur)
10.Sh. Jaideep Dudi (Bhadra,Hanumangarh)
11.Smt. Kamla Kaswan (Sadulpur, Churu)
12.Sh. Mahendra Choudhary (Nawa,Nagaur)
13.Sh. Mangala Ram Godara (Sri Dungargarh,Bikaner)
14.Sh. Phool Chand Bhinda (Viratnagar,Jaipur)
15.Sh. Ranveer Pahalwan (Malpura,Tonk)
16.Ms. Rita Choudhary (Mandawa,Jhunjhunu)
17.Sh. Rupa Ram Dudi (Didwana,Nagaur)
18.Sh. Santosh Kumar Saharan (Sardulshahar,Sri Ganganagar)
1.Sh. Pawan Godara (ICS rank - 271)
2.Ms. Vidhi Choudhary (ICS rank - 285)
3.Sh.Manish Godara (ICS rank - 571)
4.Sh. Prasant Abusaria ( RPMT 2009 topper)
5.Sh. Manish choudhary (SSB rank - 2)
6.sh. Arjun Lal Choudhary (ICS rank - 424)
7.Sh. Bhera Ram (ICS rank - 432)
8.Sh. Ghanshyam Thori ( ICS rank - 277)
9.Sh. Vivek Kumar ( ICS rank - 620)
10.Sh. Padma Ram (ICS rank - 268)
(Last 5 candidates could not attend the function as they are already in service/training)

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